I started cutting my teeth on video production via a variety of personal videos on my personal Youtube channel.  These were very rough videos of me just ranting away.  Audio and video was very bad.  Later video production took place with a real camera...that I was ignoring for so long.

Once Notes and Nerds was formed, I explored more structured shows covering various topics of discussion, moving away from "rant videos".  I provided the "nerd" aspect, while a colleague provided the "notes" aspect.  Together we also worked on a number of skits that we did midway through each of our first season episodes.  One of our best was also our most complicated skit...a Terminator parody.  I used a Motorola Droid 1 as the camera, no external microphones, and then edited on my laptop.  We explored aspects of special effects shots, to audio, to splicing video.

Later works used better cameras, microphones, lighting, etc.  Skits were pushed to the side to make way for more depth in episodes where we would cover comic cons and music events.  At such events we would gather interviews with attendees, cosplayers, vendors, and celebrity guests.  Later I would implement a green screen.  This allowed for a smaller studio, and less concern for overhead.  The use of live streaming technology has become a staple in Notes and Nerds production.

Thanks to connections, I was able to be an extra on a film produced by Todd Sheets titled Zombie Rampage 2.  I am also an extra in another independent film produced by Gary Piland titled Blackstone: Hand of God.  In both films, I portray a zombie character.  Both of which are very different styles of zombies.

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