Friday, October 24, 2014

Girls Play Too

This may come to a shock to some douche nozzles out there in the land of the interwebz, but girls of ALL AGES actually play video games.  Not those lame ass cutesy crap titles the industry thinks girls like, but FPS, RPGs, Platformers, Action/Adventure, and more.  The sad reality, the asshats that can't handle it...are the driving force that create a rift in the industry.

So, if you are one of those morons that think that girls don't belong in the arcade, that shouldn't be holding a control pad, or need to stay out of the need to grow up.  I don't care how old you really are.  I do not care how you feel about the situation.  GROW THE FUCK UP!

Girls play video games.  The reality of it is that girls are JUST AS good, and can be better, as guys.  They aren't all into "girly things".  Chicks dig explosions, car chases, and engaging stories.

Now, this issue goes beyond just girls that play.  It extends deeply into the realm of the industry developers.  The companies that create the games we love.  It honestly seems that when a gal is on the development team, she is just one out of many guys on said team.  There is something desperately wrong with that picture.  The sexist mentality in the industry has forced a significant DROP in the direction of women that work in the technology field.  Fewer and fewer opt for careers in various computer based careers.  Why?  Because they are being forcefully pushed out.

News flash friends, women built...BUILT...the foundations of modern technology.  Women were the ones that generally did a majority of the programming in the early days of modern computing.  Without these pioneers, we wouldn't be where we are.

Personally, I could careless about who makes a program, app, game, etc.  I just want it to work, and be fun!  Now, don't misconstrue that statement.  I do care that there are talented people behind the project.  I don't care what sex they are.  It is about the talent and assets that one brings.  Not the genetalia.

My wife wasn't a gamer when we met.  She just didn't find an interest in them.  Why?  She just didn't feel comfortable playing.  However, she did watch the games I played.  Especially the engaging titles with engrossing stories.  She loved watching me play Silent Hill on the PSone.  She also found a LOT of enjoyment when playing Baldur's Gate, and Champions of Norrath for PSone.  There are also a handful of other games she liked that are more action oriented, and not RPG.  Of course, she also loves her Sims...but I won't hold that against her (kidding!).  I wanted her to play video games.  Not just for me, but for herself.  To enjoy something that doesn't simply require her to sit idly, but to be interactive with the story that unfolds.

The more that she explored the games I played, the more she enjoyed the activity.  She has her personal genre favorites, and I have mine.  They don't always overlap, but that doesn't matter.  She plays games.  And it can be funny watching her expressions.

Then there is my daughter.  She plays games.  She plays a variety of styles of games.  She has a few favorites.  She was playing Skyrim for a while there.  She enjoyed the exploration.  She is also just a young girl, so her tastes can be rather "girly", but that still doesn't matter...she is playing games.  She can also be rather competitive with my son, her brother.  The conflict, however, can spill out onto the couch.  The joy of sibling rivalries.

Now, with that in mind, the idea that the possibility that my daughter could be heckled by some fucktard over her playing a game, and possibly beating him?  I will rip his head off, shit down his throat, and proceed to shove his head up his own ass.  I am just saying.  There is NO reason for a guy to be so petty over this.  He should find the enjoyment of the competition.  The thrill of meeting someone that enjoys, and understands the game they have in common.

The trolls that have issues with gals that can play games is personal to them.  It identifies their own weakness and flaws in their personalities.  I could care less about their insecurities.  I have mine, and I get over them.  News flash fuckers, we all have insecurities.  The mature thing to do when facing those insecurities is to deal with them in a civil manner, accept them, and then grow from them.  Overcome that insecurity.

Besides, that girl that just kicked your ass in CoD?  Could have totally been your future girlfriend, but its cool you want to jerk off to "gamer girls" in your mom's basement until you are 35.  I'd say I won't judge you, but yeah...I'd be lying.

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